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ENTER IN - Part 2 This Sunday!

Last Sunday, Pastor Dan brought us an introduction to the new series: "ENTER IN: The Prayer that Changes the World" -- a special 8-week series on The Lord's Prayer. 

This week, Pastor Dan will be focusing on the first few words that Jesus taught us to pray: "Our Father in Heaven". Here's just a little of what Pastor Dan shared last week about our Father:

When you say, "Father", it should remind you that you're a child. If He's my Father, then I'm His child. You know what that means? He's always got time for you. It means your name is known in Heaven; your NAME! You're not a stranger there! The minute you say, "Father", it's like all Heaven stops and you have the Father's full attention, because you're family; you're a child and you're known by name, and you matter." ~Pastor Dan Cochrane (Sunday, January 9, 2022)

Wow...awesome stuff! Can't wait to hear more on Sunday. Hope you'll join us!

And maybe you haven't seen this yet -- Here's a short clip of why Pastor Dan wants to bring us this series:

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