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A Month of Gratitude

During the month of October at CrossRoads, we want to take some time to be grateful. As we stop to remember what God has done and thank Him for His goodness, our gratefulness should overflow and extend to others. 

In the Bible, God invited His people to spend time in gratefulness for a week each fall during the festival of Sukkot (pronounced Sue-COAT). God told His people to live in sukkahs (booths/tabernacles) for the seven days of the harvest holiday because that is what they did when they wandered in the desert for 40 years (Numbers 14). God wanted the Israelite descendants to remember that time — how God brought them out of Egypt and provided for them in the desert.

The next time you're in the church, you will see we have set up a sukkah in the foyer. You're invited to come and participate in this interactive gratitude experience -- and the theme changes from week-to-week! The sukkah will remain for the entire month of October, and you're welcome to visit anytime during the week to spend some time exploring and reflecting on what you are grateful for. 

Part of the tradition of Sukkot is to provide for those in need, as we thank God for His provision in our lives. Inside the sukkah in the Foyer, you'll find donation bins for accepting food & clothing items to support our local initiatives (more details about donations here).   

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