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Refugee Support

Support Ukrainian Refugees in Central Alberta

For more information, or if you may be interested in providing short term accommodations, language support, or employment, please see the Ukrainian Canadian Congress website: for information or to register to help.

For updates, or to learn more about the possible needs that newcomers may have, please see the Central Alberta Ukrainian Association (CAUA) Facebook page.

Ukrainian Refugee Camp Short-Term Outreach

May 15-27, 2022, Pastor’s Tracy Minke and Barry Oram will be taking 12 YOUNG ADULTS to serve Ukrainian refugees coming into Moldova. Please see the Short Term Outreach page for full details.


CrossRoads Welcomes the Bako Family

Arriving from Syria, June 17th, 2022

5 members; Ibish, Shirine, May Gine, Kalistan and Ibishs mother, Sanam
Application first filed in 2016, same time as the file for the Balah family
Delays and holdups have been so frustrating!
Notice received March 16th requesting quarantine plan

Areas of support needed 

Communications & Expectation
Team Lead
First call for the family

Head up a team of translators that the family or support team can call
We have a lot of support from the existing Syrian community for translation help.

Take family to Service Canada for:
    • PR Cards
    • Social Insurance Numbers
Take family to Registries
Health Care cards

Language orientation
Liaise with CARE to enroll family in classes
Encourage and bring people around to practice English

Orientation to public transport
Assist with a driving team for appointments

Basic Community Orientation

Child & Family Services
Child Tax Benefit applications
Any support needed

Help with school registration
Assist the family with school interviews, choosing classes, etc.

Finances and Budget
Set up bank accounts
Explain how the financial system in Canada works
Help with budget
Help with filing of taxes

Health & Wellness
Assist with getting a family doctor, making appointments as needed
Dentist, make appointments
Be familiar with the Interim Federal Health plan and how the family accesses

Housing and Furnishings
Work with the Missions office to:
• Find appropriate housing for the family
• Find appropriate furnishing for the family

What to do and where to go locally and in Alberta
Navigate local authorities for benefits the family can access such as gym memberships,
swimming lessons etc.

Be a friend to this family!
• Make meals
• Have over for a meal or coffee
• Go for a walk
• Invite to events

What would you like to offer this family?

Accommodation in place by May 1st
Furnishings in place
Allows for the family to quarantine in their new home less stress
Arrival Confirmation has been granted
Medical documents have been updated
Awaiting travel date

For any inquiries or to offer support, please email: