About Streaming Online:


My Facebook LIVE keeps freezing.

Unfortunately, this is because a lot of people are using internet. If you have a desktop that connects directly to internet instead of wifi, that may solve some of the problem.

How do I watch on my TV?

There are 2 options to watch on your TV. Either by streaming it directly or by casting it from another device. Each device is so different and their are many different variables in how to watch on your TV that we are unable to walk you through and guarantee that it will work. We recommend a google search similar to "how do I stream from a web page onto my [insert brand type] TV".

OR, you may be able to connect your device directly to your TV using an HDMI cable.

I clicked on a “LIVE” service on Sunday on Facebook and it only played part way through.

With the major use of internet, sometimes the LIVE feed for our service gets dropped. This means that when it starts up again, it creates a new post with the newest LIVE video. Exit out of the currently video you are watching and click on the newest LIVE post. We will be doing our best to delete broken LIVE feed videos so that you cannot click on them.

A random video automatically plays after I stream a LIVE video on Facebook.

Whenever a video plays on Facebook, a playlist is automatically generated for videos to continue playing after the one you are currently watching is over. These are generated by popular web content, previously watched videos, and content searched on your computer.