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Join us on Saturday, April 14, 2018 for a day-long experience where we will learn and grow together as a church body. We are offering a variety of sessions throughout the day. To register, please look at the session options and choose one that you would like to attend in each of the time slots (three total). If you cannot be here for the whole day, simply choose the seminars you are able to attend.

Lunch will be provided during the day. We recommend this EQUIP day for people ages 13 and older. Childcare is not provided.

If you have any questions, please contact Doug MacDormand at or call the church office at 403-347-6425.

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EQUIP Schedule, Saturday, April 14, 2018

See below for session descriptions.

8:45-9:30 – Registration

9:30-10:45 - Session #1

10:45-11 – Break

11- 12:15 – Session #2

12:15-1:00 - Lunch

1:00-2:30 – Session #3

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Session Descriptions

Session #1 (9:30 - 10:45)

Discerning Vocation:  Asking the Right Questions, Gordon T. Smith [President, Ambrose University]

Whether a young person wondering about calling, or a person in mid-career navigating a transition or a more senior person moving into retirement, we all ask the question:  what is God’s call on my life, for this time and in this place?   This seminar will consider what it means to have a biblical vision for work, career and vocation and how we can foster our capacity to discern well when it comes to embracing the call of God. 

Creating Culture, Jason Frizzell

Culture shapes experience. In this session we will explore a biblical framework of how we can create, reshape or rediscover culture that will help impact our place of work, friendship circles, families, our groups and more. 

Hearing God's Voice in a Noisy World, Bob McGaw

We may all have heard of that person that declares that ‘God told them to call their friend’, or ‘God told me to marry that person’ or ‘God told me to do this or that.’  There are some that affirm that God speaks to them while there are others asking themselves, “Why doesn’t God speak to me like that?” In this session we will find that, yes, God does speak to us but furthermore we will walk through parts of scripture and learn the ways that he does so. 

The Changing World of Missions - Trends & How the Church is Responding, Tracy Minke

Tracy will be sharing some of the major trends in mission and see where we have come from.  

Session #2 (11:00 - 12:15)

Practicing Prayer in a Culture of Fear:  Considering the Call of Philippians 4:4-7,  Gordon T. Smith [President, Ambrose University] 

If the observation is correct that we live in a culture of fear, we need to ask:  what does this mean for our approach to prayer?  What does it mean to pray in a way that lowers our anxiety and fosters our capacity to know the peace of God and then to function in the church, in our homes and in our places of work with a gracious confidence in God and in the purposes of God.

Keys for Leading Transformational Groups,  Stu Krogman

Creating and maintaining thriving Christ-centered group environments for a range of people and personalities can be challenging. This interactive workshop will focus on helpful guidelines and practical keys for group facilitators to learn and put into practice. 

Sons and Mothers, Stacy Mattheis 

From Mars and Venus, ‘nothing’ boxes and spaghetti brains to Love versus Respect men and women have communicated differently for generations.  For mommas raising boys this is not any different.  It takes understanding, grace, patience, a big dose of laughter, thick skin and understanding the heart and brain of your son. In this session we will talk about how mommas can foster a relationship with their son(s) at different ages/stages, why laying a foundation for relationship and conversation is crucial, how to stand firm when you are challenged, when to admit your own faults embracing humility and what the process of letting go looks like as they become young men.  These are tidbits I have learned on the journey of raising a son, shaping a boy into a man of God.  

Good Dads & Godly Fathers, Dwayne Holland

It’s much easier to become a father than to be one. Let’s chat about what it takes to become the best dad that God created you to be and how your connection with your heavenly Father will help you to be a great earthly father. Whether you have kids, are you planning to have kids, or perhaps you’re a father figure in a child’s life – then this session is for you.  

How to Worship A King, Dave Grobe  

What can we learn from the Old Testament Tabernacle that can transform our personal and corporate houses of worship? What type of worship and worshipper prepares a place for God’s glory to be revealed? (material taken largely from the book How To Worship A King by Zach Neese) 

Session #3 (1:00 - 2:30)

Discover Your Personal Purpose, Chad Verity

You have been created for a unique purpose. Identifying that purpose and living it out daily will lead you to a more fulfilled life and help you understand why you sometimes feel stuck or frustrated. Discover the reasons why God created you unique and special. Explore what your life could look like if you fully embraced your true purpose.  

Keys for Leading Transformational Groups, Stu Krogman 

Creating and maintaining thriving Christ-centered group environments for a range of people and personalities can be challenging. This interactive workshop will focus on helpful guidelines and practical keys for group facilitators to learn and put into practice. 

Kingdom of Heaven from Jesus Perspective, Denise Snyder 

Jesus and His disciples talked a lot about the kingdom of heaven, but it’s not a topic we often discuss or understand. Come learn what the Kingdom of Heaven meant to the Jewish mind and how understanding the Old Testament shows us what Jesus meant when He talked about God’s kingdom.  

Dealing With Difficult Situations in Church, Home, and Work, Doug MacDormand 

How do we, as Christians, deal with people who wrong us? How do we support a friend or family member who is being harmed by others? What if we feel that someone is causing harm in a church ministry? What if we disagree with decisions made in church, or at home or work? How do we handle gossip? In this session we will look at various scenarios that may arise as people live, work, and do ministry together, and what the Bible says about how to handle these situations.  

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