Attend I've Got Questions

I've Got Questions

We understand you may have questions! This is new and different and we're all learning to adapt together. Hopefully some of these answers can help.


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Why are you asking us to download the "Church Center" app to register for Sundays?

This app is a very simple and efficient way to register for Sunday Service. You can also keep your personal information, that you would like to provide to us, up to date in a user-friendly way. We are excited to use a program that our Kids' Ministry and Youth Ministry have already been using with success!

Church Center app logo

It is asking for me to login when I register for Sunday Service. Do I have an account?

If you have volunteered or provided your information to a ministry here at the church, you most likely have a profile available in Church Center. If you are unsure, click "continue as guest" and provide your information that way. If you have an existing profile, it will tell you. 

If you have downloaded Church Center and login that way, we encourage you to save your login info so that it immediately opens the app and pre-populates for a quick and easy registration each week.

I heard the new guidelines is that places of worship can only operate at 15% capacity. Are services still available in-person?

Update: We now welcome you to in-person services at a 1/3 capacity.

Yes! With the current restrictions and choices we've already made, we are operating within the limits. We are cautious with the capacities that we have put on each service, so please be sure to register!

Do you plan on returning to regular service times?

Update: We invite you to join us for in-person services at 9am, 11am, and 6pm or for LIVE services online at 9am and 11am. 

As of Oct 4th, the morning service times return to normal at 9am and 11am. For now, we still do not have a 6pm service time though we are always re-evaluating Sundays.

Can I still watch online?

Yes! Our services are LIVE streamed on Facebook and the website at 9am and 11am. Services are available to watch any time following the 11am service in our message library or on Facebook.

Can I come even if I am over 65?

All are welcome! Please consider AHS guidelines and make the decision you are comfortable with. 

Am I required to wear a mask?

In-line with the mask bylaw from the City of Red Deer and the provincial ruling, we require you to be masked. In this way, we ask that you honour our governing leaders as that is the choice we have made as a church.

Who has access to my personal information when I register?

The information you provide when you register is used to provide a confirmation via email for Sunday. This information is only provided for the purpose of contact tracing if someone who has attended is found to have COVID-19.

Can I sing?

Yes! If you choose to sing during worship, a mask is recommended as per AHS guidelines.

Are the seats physically distanced?

Currently, every other row is unavailable in order to provide space in front of each cohort. As well, ushers will be seating attendees on Sundays two seats apart from another cohort to accommodate physical distancing recommendations.

Will there be prayer after the service?

Yes! Join the team for prayer at the west-end of the foyer following each service. We are also available online to pray with you! If you would like prayer, please fill out the information form online.

Is the Mother's Room open?

It will be open but with limited seating. We encourage you to use this space as a private and safe spot for feeding and changing. Please, bring your own supplies and mat for changing as that has been removed from the room for now.

Will we still do communion together?

Yes! We value coming together to partake of the elements. Things may look a little different, such as individual communion packs. But we still plan on coming to the Lord's table together.

Will there be Kid's Ministry programs?

Kid's Ministry programs have kicked-off! Based on AHS guidelines, there will not be childcare for 24 months and under. However, age 3 to Grade 6 will have Kid's Church. Please be patient with us as we learn what this will look like and how best to run our programming while caring for those around us. For more information on Sundays in Kids' Min, visit

How can I be involved?

Gathering together again takes the whole church family! We need greeters, scanners, ushers, kids min leaders, and cleaners. If you are available to help, please take a minute to fill out our serve form.

What if someone who attends the service is found to have COVID-19?

For the health and safety of each and every one of us and to trace the source, AHS has requested a contact trace log for all gatherings. This means, the registration information you have provided will be provided to AHS only if it is found that someone who has attended has COVID-19. You will then be contacted and notified.