Meet Us The 2019 Chronicle

The 2019 Chronicle

The story of Crossroads Church has been bookended by two things we have done since moving to our current location nearly 20 years ago: praying for 3 people to come to Jesus and having one-minute longer conversations with people throughout our day. These simple acts have accentuated two decades of growth as a church body as we continue to give priority to the last, the lost, the least, the little and the nearly dead. God’s story has been told through our fellowship in incredible and extraordinary ways around the world. Because of the faithfulness of believers from crossroads lives have been eternally changed, not only in Red Deer but in the farthest reaches of our planet.

One thing is certain. We will not be the same at the end of this journey. it’s time to Get Ready.

Throughout Central Alberta, as God’s story is told by faithful followers of Jesus Christ, one constant theme has arisen: God is on the move throughout our community. In the lives of our neighbours and coworkers, He is at work transforming the lives of those who call on His name. We are reminded in 2 Peter 3 that our Heavenly Father is not wanting anyone to perish, but for all of Central Alberta to come to repentance. Therefore we must be diligent in listening to His voice as He prepares us for the story He is unfolding. Put simply, we must Get Ready.

2019 Chronicle
The 2019 Chronicle
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