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Serving Opportunities

Serving at CrossRoads

We're so grateful that you're interested in serving with us here at CrossRoads Church! We're excited to have you join us because we believe that serving encourages us to enter in to God's story in ways that better help us love Him and those around us. Serving is also a great way to get connected into community and form new friendships. Check out this booklet for more on why we serve at CrossRoads.

Jesus didn’t just tell us to love and serve. He showed us how through His own actions. He demonstrated for us, how to give life to others.


Serve Opportunities at CrossRoads Church

We'd love to get you connected with some ways to step in to serving at CrossRoads. Below are a variety of ways for you to get involved with serving!

General - handsCrossRoads Kids Welcome Ministry

We would love extra hands to serve and greet our families. There are a few ways to get involved, but it is as simple as welcoming new families to our church and showing them their child(ren)’s classroom. If you have computer skills or just prefer a more independent “setup and takedown” role, Karianne Reitsma would love to hear from you at

To join a team, download the booklet "Interested in Serving with CrossRoads Kids" and  complete the application here.

General - handsCrossRoads Kids


Baking Team:

Every Sunday, we provide our wonderful serves with a light snack.  We have a team of people who bake treats and drop them off during the week so that our leaders can be blessed with something delicious on Sunday morning.  If you love to bake, we would absolutely love to have your join the rotation and bake once per month.

 Leader Lounge Coffee Set Up:

Coffee to fuel our serves! We would love some people willing to come 45 minutes before the 9:00am or 6:00pm services to set up the snack cart for our leaders’ meeting which starts 30 minutes before service.  This involves making the coffee and setting out tea and snacks.

 Welcome Desk:

Smile and say hi to people as they come in/visit! This is a 30 minute commitment (eg. 8:45-9:15am) at the service of your choice. We register new families on KidCheck, change rolls on the label printer if necessary, and have the option to be at the Welcome Desk or float around checking on the other KidCheck stations.

 Curriculum Prep:

We have a wonderful team who meet once per month during the day to prep the curriculum for all classes (Pre-K to 56ers).  They diligently laminate, cut, count and prep all of the materials needed.  This is an awesome opportunity to serve outside of Sunday mornings.


Do you like kids? Are you interested in tech-type areas? Think about running the sound board and projector for CrossRoads Kids theatre time. On Sundays we have live worship, PowerPoints, and teaching videos.

 Team Serve:

Interact directly with our kiddos in their grade rooms by following a ready-to-use curriculum filled with scripture reading, crafts and activities, worship responses, and games. In Early Childhood, this is a once-a-month commitment. In K-6, this is a twice-a-month commitment.

 Team Lead:

We genuinely believe that it is a calling to lead a team of room serves. The role of a team lead is evident on Sundays in their responsibility to lead the pre-service meeting and emcee the K-4 large group times. Our goal is that, through serving together on Sundays and communication through the week, team leads will encourage an atmosphere of comradery among their teams. Because of team leads, the K-6 Ministry can continue to grow and teach our children about the Big God Story and how God interacts in their daily lives.

 Story Teller:

We go through the whole Bible in one year, starting in September with Genesis and ending with Revelation in August. Learning The Big God story is our main goal; how God has had a plan from the beginning, and how Jesus and each of us is part of His plan. This is woven into every story. Help us share God’s word in a creative way each Sunday.

Serving CrossRoads Kids

We would love to have all parents participate or serve in their child’s room.  We are asking parents to serve 6 times per year. We have divided up the year into three semesters. Parents can sign up for 2 serve dates during each semester.  Please fill out this form to get involved.

We strongly recommend that parents become certified volunteers. If you desire to become a full time serve (one to two Sundays per month in Infant Care/ Pre-K or K-6), we require that you become certified. To sign up for your dates or for more information on becoming certified please contact

To join a team, download the booklet "Interested in Serving with CrossRoads Kids" and  complete the application here.

General - handsSr. High Ministries

We’d love people to come serve by making meals or snacks for students and leaders on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm. We also have miscellaneous projects around the youth centre for anyone who has a creative eye or is handy. Or, be a mentor to youth by joining our team of youth leaders.  We partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters and have in-school mentors in the Dawe school for one hour per week. Please contact for more information.

General - handsConnecting Ministries

Welcome Teams Do you remember what is was like to walk into our building for the very first time? For some, it was pretty intimidating and a little scary - that’s why we need you. If you have a passion for helping make  CrossRoads a place where everyone feels at home, please let us know. We would love to connect you with one of our Welcome Teams and get you serving today! Email

Special Events Team We’re always doing something exciting around here! And, as you know, special events take a lot of work and preparation. If you have been blessed with creativity, the ability to organize, and like to have fun, contact us today and we’ll get you in touch with our Special Events team. Email us at  

General - handsLocal Initiatives

At CrossRoads we care deeply for vulnerable youth and the single parent, both within our church body and in the local community.  We feel called to offer spiritual and practical support to those who parent alone and to mentor youth.

CrossRoads is pleased to partner with local agencies that care about the same people we do and are well established in the community.  These agencies have serve opportunities posted on their websites:

In-School. We have a presence in one of our local schools providing students support by being reading buddies, one on one mentors and providing an after school club which focuses on building relationships while spending time together in the kitchen preparing food and eating together.

Our Single Moms group meets monthly at the church and there is a need for childcare for little ones in the nursery and engagement with school age children through planned activities while the Mothers are attending.

Special events.  At various times throughout the year there is a need for people to host our partners in the building and to serve in one time events that highlight our partners and community.  These may involve physical labour, baking, manning a table etc.

Please email for further information or to indicate your willingness to serve in any of these areas.

General - hands serving Communion

If you would like to help serve communion during the services, please contact Jenna at

General - handsWorship and Technical Arts

There is nothing better than worshiping our Father and His Son, Jesus together as a church body! The worship arts family is always looking for brothers and sisters to join us as musicians, vocalists and technicians. Worship happens all over the church on many days of the week – in CrossRoads Kids, at Celebrate Recovery, in youth ministries, and of course, during Sunday services. If you’re interested in getting involved in any area, we’d be so excited to have you join us on Thursday nights in the Worship Room at 7:00pm.

Musicians/Vocalists There are opportunities for keyboardists, drummers, guitarists of all kinds, vocalists of all ranges, and many other instrumentalists. Contact Pastor Dallas at for more information.

Technicians In the tech world, we’re looking for people to help out with sound (running front-of-house audio and monitors) and visual elements (cameras, video switching, directing, lights, or media). If you’re interested or want more information, contact Wally at

General - hands community Life

Do you have a heart for groups and doing life together? Community Life is for you! There is always room for more groups whether that be a connecting group, study group, serving group, women’s group, men’s group, couples group, fitness group, prayer group, the options are endless! Contact us at to learn more about Facilitating a group.  

General - hands Kitchen Ministry

Positions available with food preparation, baking, funerals, banquet serving and dish washing through-out each day of the week. Contact Amanda at for more information.

General - handsCafe ministry

Come join our fabulous team! Serve once a month or more in any of the following areas  (youth ages 13-15 can serve with a parent)

Morning set up -(7:30-9am), prepare coffee, set up coffee stations for Sunday morning 

Coffee host/ess – (10:15-11am) - maintain and refill coffee service areas

Barista – (10:10-11:15am) - make lattes and maintain thebarista station

Prep – (10:10-11:15am) - prepare beverages for the barista, clean and tidy area

Cashier – (10:10-11:15am) - cashier for cafe 

Smoothies – (10:10-11:15am) - requires using a vita mix blender 

Morning Clean up – (12:30pm - 1:30pm) -clean up the coffee serving areas after the second service           

Evening set up – (5:00-6:00pm) – prepare the coffee for evening service, light cleaning and stocking  

Evening clean up – (7:30-8:15pm) - clean up the coffee station and the café area after the evening service

Week day stocking – flexible times, refilling supplies and light cleaning     

Friday restocking – flexible times on Friday, refilling supplies and light cleaning            

Anytime general cleaning – always welcomed anytime     

Please email Sharon at