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  • Haiti Update

    Thank you for your prayers for Haiti and our friends at Haiti Arise. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. Below is an update from Lisa Honorat:  HAITI UNREST Our mission trip started out like any team. Plans for the Northwest Mennonite Conference team of 24 representing 5 churches from Alberta had come together for the women to help Haiti ARISE host a women’s conference and the men on the team to work on construction projects on our third duplex in Arise Children’s Village from Feb 3-13. read more
  • Urgent Prayer for Haiti

    CALL TO PRAYER FOR HAITI Civil unrest and massive protests are taking place all over the country right now. Nothing is open, schools have been closed all week and roadblocks are preventing anyone from being able to travel. read more
  • Poverty Snapshot 2018 Red Deer

    Did you know 1 in 10 people in Red Deer live in poverty? This is our city! We can't ignore what is right in front of us and where God has called us to be. We are His hands and feet in this great city, let's understand what is happening around us and how we can be a part of making it more as God intended. read more
  • 2019 World Watch List for Persecuted Believers Just Released

    The 2019 Open Doors World Watch List ranks the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian. read more
  • God Is Up To Something BIG in Ethiopia!

    For those of you who missed our Missions Luncheon in November with Empower Ministries, we wanted to give you a chance to hear a bit of what we learned because it was such an inspiring time. We were honored to host Kendall Schmitke from Empower Ministries  to share encouraging reports of church revival from around the world. Empower Ministries strengthens and equips the national church wherever revival is breaking out, helping to capitalize on these seasons of great growth! Kendall shared updates and exciting stories from many of the countries where Empower Ministries is involved, such as China, Vietnam, India and especially Ethiopia where, through Empower, we at CrossRoads are sponsoring church planters who are experiencing a massive turning to God in that country. read more
  • Finding Rest in Him

    How do you sum up everything that has happened in the past 10 days? Our time in Haiti was a blessing in so many ways… As I think back to my time in Haiti, the one thing that comes to my mind is the word rest. For a long time God has been reminding me of the importance of taking time rest but more importantly to rest in Him. This is a hard thing for me to do because there always seems like there is something that needs to be done or I am distracted with the ups and downs of life…taking time to rest is the last thing on my mind! read more
  • God is Alive and Well in Haiti

    We made our way through the busy market, weaving in and out of tables and wheelbarrows, people and cement walls. Turning to the right we left the chaos of the market, and made our way down a dirt pathway. Coming around a corner, we found an elderly man sitting on a partial cement wall. The social worker spoke with him, and he stood and led us through a pathway strewn with voodoo symbols and bottles hanging from trees. He hobbled up some steps and entered a one room cement home... read more
  • Behind The Scenes

    It hardly feels we have been here 8 days, but when I think back to each day that has passed and all that has happened, I feel like it’s been longer. There has been so much goodness it’s hard to believe it has fit in to a mere 8 days. God has blessed us incredibly here in Haiti. To think that when I started this journey with the application process a year ago…and the months in between…I was anxious and worried about everything. read more
  • Familiar and Foreign

    I thought I was coming to Haiti for a cool experience but it’s so much more that an experience. God has chosen and allowed me to have a heart change... read more
  • All Under God

    This beautiful Sunday morning starts as awesome as the past 6 days, but by some miracle we have the best yet ahead of us. The sounds drift like a soothing symphony as the sun rises to heat up another day. It has been very hot and humid but I’ve not yet had any sign of a headache, yet another sign the Lord is looking out for me, for us, bless His name. Words seem so inadequate to begin to describe the beauty of this blessed day. How awesome the picture he paints for us here in Haiti and all around this world he created by just saying and it was. From gathering up seashells to seeing the ocean blues and greens to the pinks of the flowering vines everywhere as they bravely and boldly cover up the ruins... read more